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What softens a goblin's heart

Review: Ivana Brlich-Mazuranich's 'Croatian Tales of Long Ago' (Translated by F.S. Copeland, published by Frederick A. Stokes Company)

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VIDEO: Festival of the European Short Story

Events and talks from Booksa featuring Jan Carson, Carys Davies, Rachida Lamrabet and Suzana Tratnik.

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Digital natives, data miners and Narcissus

Ari Turunen and Andrew Keen discussed the topic of '#SelfieCulture' on this year's Zagreb Book Festival.

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Imagining Memory

Review: David Albahari's 'Götz and Meyer' (Translated by Ellen Elias-Bursać, Harcourt, 2005)

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'Anyone can become a refugee'

A conversation with Ivana Bodrožić, Croatian author of the award-winning novel 'The Hotel Tito' (Seven Stories Press, 2017).

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VIDEO: Neil McCarthy in Booksa

Irish poet and performer came back to Booksa to present his much anticipated debut poetry collection 'Stopgap Grace'.

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Homo Climaticum

This is the first collection of Croatian climate fiction – 21 scenarios for our near or distant futures shaped by climate change.

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A heightened experience of time

We talked with Maan Abu Taleb, the Jordanian writer, editor and author of the novel 'All the Battles'. 



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